Jobs At British embassy – Learn What Kinds Of Jobs Are Available

Jobs At British embassy – Learn What Kinds Of Jobs Are Available

Skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the basic ingredients of a successful Career in Jobs, British Ambassy Pakistan is one of the prominent establishments in Pakistan with well established British Consulate. The British Flag is proudly flaunted on the walls of the building. You can see two magnificent minarets facing the Qayara Minar. It has been the home of the Pakistani High Commission, Foreign Office, and the Permanent Mission of the British High Commission. There are many educational institutes, business schools, and colleges all over Pakistan that provide quality education and professional experience to the candidates interested in working in Britain. Skilljobz is the biggest platform for UK expatriate job search.


The consulate has many departments to support your career and education in Britain. The British High Commission has opened up nine departments including the Permanent Mission, Family Immigration, Settlement, Employment, Social Security, Family Planning, and Related Services. Each department plays an important role in assisting you to settle in Pakistan. The consular staff and officials are well trained and ready to serve you.


Skills, knowledge, and passion are your entrance ticket into the British establishment. Your high school education should have offered you a liberal arts degree in commerce or administration. Your previous work experience will also play an important role while applying for a job in the British High Commission Pakistan. Please note that the British immigration authorities are strict in accepting applicants, who have not completed their graduation from any of the recognized vocational schools. You will be required to appear in a competency examination. Please consult a skilled professional for assistance.


The British Consulate offers education and job placement services to skilled professionals. You can avail a job as an education specialist, where you will assist students studying at a primary level. A job as an engineering consultant may be available. You can also seek higher qualifications to join the administration, civil service, public service, trade, or business jobs in the British Embassy Islamabad.


Please consult the British Consulate if you require a higher education visa. For detailed information, you must consult the higher office. The consular staff will guide you properly. If you hold a valid passport, you can work freely in Pakistan.


A skilled professional will be appointed as the head of the department in charge of British citizens’ affairs, immigration and skilled professionals. You can also become a private counselor or consultant in the British consulate. The salary is fair and competitive. You can also choose to work as an economic counselor in charge of providing educational programs and job placement services to UK citizens, on a full time or part-time basis.


The curriculum included in the courses has been developed by experts. Students get the chance to select their areas of concentration. They may opt for further studies, or for employment in the fields they have selected. Your choice will determine whether to continue your studies in a university in Britain or to work.


You can also pursue a career in Pakistan. The government has a lot of opportunities for professionals from western countries. However, the payment is not as good as it is in Britain. The job market is dynamic and growing fast. So, if you are looking for a job in Pakistan, you should consider working as a British ambassador or British consul in Pakistan.


You may also want to work as a senior adviser or political officer with the British diplomatic mission in Pakistan. This kind of job involves a high level of interaction and traveling to various regions of Pakistan. Senior advisers have a lot of responsibility, and they often spend time traveling and working. A senior adviser also needs to be highly skilled in English communication skills and familiar with local culture and customs.


Working at the British embassy in Islamabad can be a very rewarding experience. There is always a demand for skilled professionals. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and to find out about current trends. The salary is often quite high, and your family back home is happy to know that you have a great job.


The best way to look for jobs in Pakistan is through online recruitment sites. Visit one of the sites and then apply for the job of your dreams. Choose a career that suits you and that you can grow with. Your family will be glad to know that you have found a new life here in Pakistan.

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