Jobs in Pakistan – A Major Shipping Hub

Jobs in Pakistan – A Major Shipping Hub

Jobs in Pakistan can be very interesting. There is a huge requirement for skilled professionals who can speak fluent English and carry out all sorts of jobs. Skilljobz has thousands of such jobs in Pakistan. The recruitment process is simple, fast, and hassle-free. You can find many vacancies through Skilljobz and then apply to any jobs in Pakistan or any other country. Skilljobz is one of the fastest websites offering data entry operators, medical transcriptionists, administrative jobs, and many more.


A data entry operator or a medical transcriptionist usually carries out his duties from home or from the office of the company he works for. Companies generally assign them to departments and divisions headed by officers appointed by the company. In case you want to become a medical transcriptionist you need to pass a test from the American Medical Transcription Association and then you will need a driving license holder. This is a simple process and once you have completed the required tests you will be able to start working.


If you are willing to do paid surveys or work in any other government department or corporation, you need to undergo an entry test and then be recruited through Skilljobz. The recruitment process is a simple one, you just need to complete the tests and submit your documents to the company. After the completion of the tests, you will receive an online questionnaire through email. You will have to answer all the questions accurately and submit them to the company of your choice to start your career in Pakistan’s revenue jobs.


One of the most lucrative jobs in Pakistan is that of a customs officer. A customs officer is in charge of inspecting the loads on board a vessel docked at a particular port. He is responsible for collecting all kinds of information about the goods and transporting them to the port for examination and clearing of payment and freight charges. If you think that this job sounds interesting then you can apply for a post as a customs officer in any of the companies in Pakistan working on foreign trade. There are several companies in Karachi and Lahore offering jobs in Pakistan’s revenue jobs and it is very important to ensure that you apply to all the companies and get selected as per your skills, qualifications, and experience before moving to a new company.


A highly regarded organization in Pakistan, which offers jobs in Pakistan is the Islamabad Institute of Transport and Logistics Training. This institute trains students in all aspects of customs, shipping, commerce, aviation, and horticulture. During the last few years, the institute has gained a lot of reputation and has been shortlisted as one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan for excellence in teaching. The main aim of the institute is to prepare students for entering the professional world of transport and logistic. For the purpose of this post, you will be trained in all aspects of the Pakistani Shipping Industry.


An organization offering a job in Pakistan is HCA Marriot Pakistan Limited. This company provides a complete range of services to its customers from the supply of packing materials to kitting and general administration functions. They have recruitment procedures like normal interview screening to match their requirements with the qualification and experience of the candidates. To hire the employees of HCA Pakistan Limited, you need to fill an application form for recruitment. These application forms are available online and you can download them free of cost after submitting them online at the website of HCA.


The main aim of HCA is to give its customers’ competitive advantage through the modern techniques of logistics and customer service. For this purpose, they recruit qualified professionals for various posts including a customs agent, customs clerk, and freight forwarder. According to their policy, they do not allow any non-qualified person to become an agent or a clerk in their department. In order to appoint a competent person for posts like these, a candidate needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the department and he has to undergo several tests like the written test and the functional skills test.


HCA provides jobs in Pakistan for both males and females of different nationalities. The recruitment process takes special care of skilled professionals and individuals of foreign origin who have earned a degree or diploma in a recognized field. This includes Chinese, Indian, Malayans, British, and other South Asian nationalities. The directorate welcomes women candidates who have a college degree and are willing to settle down in Pakistan.

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