Best Interior Design Schools in the world


Interior design in contemporary world has become one of the career choices of talent youngsters. Many architecture colleges are now building studies of tech interior design and has large number of students opting for this career choice. It has now become a branch which is being studied by people and willing become interior designers. It is known to be a multi faceted profession which involves creativity, and to achieve and built an interior of a sturdier with an aesthetic vision. Usually the environment is created by designers in order to be safe, aesthetically pleasing to look at and functional for a client. And clients needs are kept in mind while programming and designing the space. Materials, furnishing space planning and equipment knowledge is what interior designing  colleges offer.


Interior design schools

Now students are opting this course as it provides rewarding career opportunities to them as well as helps the students in developing skills. Creative and sophisticated technical skills are the most important part and parcel of such schools. These colleges started developing somewhere near 1970s. But now from the last twenty decades there has been a shift of such colleges across the world. In major cities around the world, such colleges are found for catering the interior design passion as a career. From 2011, across the world there has been a rise in such colleges, the number has grown from hundreds to thousands. They offer interior design worldwide and choosing the best has become very hard.


Some of the best design colleges


Some of the top best colleges of interior design are enlisted below. These colleges have aspiring and talented students who are passionate in pursuing their careers as interior designers.

  • Savannah College of Art and Design

This college has one of the best department of interior design program which is on top for both international and domestic universities. In 2019, in the time frame of 11 years, this department has for the seventh time received an award for being the top ranking design intelligence list of best design schools. The program is interior design, it is located in Savannah, Georgia. It offers a degree of BFA and CIDA accredited. They provide local opportunities to students by proving them internships in Atlanta and Savannah. It costs about $37,575 and 98% of the students are placed in design positions or enrolled in graduate school of interior design.

  • The New School, Parsons School of Design

This is one of the very first interior design school in which the first curriculum of interior design was made in 1906. School of Parsom has framed this very rigorously in-fact intellectually creative way to add life in everyday life. Now this has become research based curriculum which has intensive solid foundation for career in design. This school has their interior design students who work with their peers, faculty and professionals outside their design spaces. To work outside their spaces is because they learn sustainability, well being, sustainability. The study and course outline has subjects like art history, design theory, hand drawing to materiality and dimensional modelling. The graduates are well prepared for the world outside of campus, to utilise their aesthetic  skills and pursue work in lighting, sets, events interior and exhibition design also keeping in mind the historic preservation. The program they offer is called interior design and is located in New York. Degree name is BFA and they provide abundant opportunities as they focus on making connections, and provide links to influential firms, galleries, museums, showrooms and auction houses.  The cost for this course is about $26,446 and 80% of the students are employed as they graduate.

  • Florence Design Academy | Italy

Is located in Via dei Martelli 4, Firenze, Italy. This school is one the best in Italy for futuristic design school especially in Europe. It is a home to many best interior designer of Europe and even many award winning designers have been students of this renowned design college. It offers methods to pursue interior designing as a career and also fusion with technology. They  offer courses of one year to three years of how to become a competitive and talented interior designer.



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