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After choosing a college one must be aware of what is being served at college classroom but also at college’s cafeteria. What you feed to your body has deep impact on how well you perform in studies. Away from home and parents at college for the first time you should be very careful on what you eat and feed your tummy. Taking a good diet with complete nutrition is a vital part of college life. According to a study it is found that students gets obesity and gain weight in first year of their college much faster.

Importance of food at college:

Most people consider that eating good food is important for maintaining good weight but the benefits of balanced nutrition diet is beyond weight and specially for students at colleges because they are at the peak of their body growth and that demands a good balanced food with complete nutrition. A healthful diet mostly includes nutrient rich foods from all major food groups, including lean proteins, whole grains, healthful fats, and fruits and vegetables of all categories.  Following a healthy diet has many health benefits, including building strong bones, protecting the heart, preventing disease, and boosting mood and immunity. According to a survey almost half of Americans adults live with some form of cardiovascular disease. Food not only directly effects your body but the growth of mind also. Eating good food, especially with family and friends, is one of the greatest blessing of life. We all are well aware of the people who eat healthy, balanced diets are likely to have abundant of energy to work and enjoy themselves.

How to eat healthy food at College:

Food is the fuel your brain needs to assist you to think. Having new college, new friends and classrooms it is difficult for you to pay attention to your health and food. So, to avoid such situation you should start the day without skipping breakfast in the morning even if you have a busy schedule ahead. Start your every day with a healthy breakfast that includes a high fiber carbohydrate and some fruits. Not only will it help to you to boost your metabolism but will also stabilize your blood sugar, control your hunger, and boost your energy. Studies have shown that students who eat a healthy breakfast give good performance in their classes. Before going to hall just think fast that which options your going to choose.

At lunch choose green or red beans to go with your sandwich or grab some crunchy raw carrots. Finish your meal with an apple or banana instead of ice cream. Dinner works the same way. And even if you are out for pizza with friends, you can play along. Order a side salad to go with your pizza or at least order veggies as toppings instead of oily meats. Apart from food also take out some time for exercise in your schedule and never miss it just like it is your class. It will help you to maintain your weight. Also keep the caffeine intake in check. One or two cups a day are fine but more than that can seriously damage your physical and mental being.

Effects of not eating healthy food in college:

Unhealthy eating habits are among the factors that can have adverse effects on weight status in young adulthood. Most of the students at college does not consume the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Instead, their diet consists of sodas, sugars, processed meats, and trans fats. Along with unhealthy eating behaviors, a new series of weight and obesity related behavioral patterns begins in this particular period, such as excessive alcohol intake and a low level of physical activity. This directly impact on college students mental and physical health and they can lead to bad or poor grades.


College life is vital part of anyone life. This is the time of making or breaking. Understanding what healthy eating means is crucial to making healthy food choices. Dining halls, colleges, university and faculty should facilities should ensure the availability of healthy food choices, as well as promoting physical activity practices regularly. Granting college students, the necessary skills to be more conscious of what a healthy diet style means would empower them to make better and healthy food choices throughout their life.




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