How many colleges should I apply to?


How many colleges should I apply to? How many colleges should I send my application? These are the most frequently asked question every year as newly passed out school graduated aims for entering college. These are the most relevant question being asked by students but the answer does not lie in black and white but somehow in between these two areas, which depends on personal choices, preferences, availability of resources and area of interests. The task takes a lot of time and expenses as students are not clear about how things will turn up for them in the future.

Why it is a painful task?

Applying for too many or few colleges is a painful task to carry out. As applying for many colleges can be costly so one has to keep in mind one’s expenses before giving it any try. On the other hand, if student apply for less colleges, he or she may fear of not getting admission in any. So, it equally and vitally important to have a balance between both the options. Time is another factor that demands a lot of initial research to carry out. Different colleges have different criteria and their applications are crafted accordingly. So, it is time taking task for a student to find out whether he or she may fit into that college’s community or not. Lastly, selection of college is another painful task for a student. Students who take interest in more selective schools will almost always want to apply to more colleges, since those schools, by rule, have a much lower admissions rate. In order to find the perfect college, you have to keep in mind all the factors and striking a great balance between money, time and selection of college.

How many colleges should be on my list?

Most admissions officers generally advise students to apply to about five to seven colleges, but not more than 10. That includes a couple of safety colleges (the colleges you’ll no doubt get into), a couple of match colleges (colleges you meet the requirements for), and a couple of reach colleges (colleges that are less likely to admit you). Even if things go very smooth and you get accepted at every college you applied, you’ll then be facing a difficulty in deciding with too many options. Here again making final decision will be nerve breaking task.

Right colleges:

Choosing college is a life making decision and one has to be very careful about it. To find a right college for you first of all make a list of desired colleges and then rank them according to your priorities. Carefully note down your wants and needs in the process without any delay. If needed take a tour to the campus to see the environment. Ask yourself question that where would you be after graduating from college after four years? You can also contact the professor of your desired department to clear your ambiguities. Also, research on your relevant jobs and scope of your study. if you get failed or rejected learn to feel to be okay and move on. These simple techniques can help any student to find out what is best for him.

Things not to do:

While everyone talks about the things that can help students get admission in his or her desired colleges but few talks about the things not to do during the process. First of all, do not apply to any colleges you want to attend. It is quite pointless and waste of money to apply for college that you wouldn’t attend later on. Second of all, never apply for any colleges before you do your research because later on it will make you disappointed. Last of all, be realistic about your chances of admission. It is best for you to only focus on colleges that you are likely to get admitted to.

Final words:

While there is no limit to the number of colleges you can apply. Whatever you choose, choose carefully. I would strongly discourage any student from applying to more than 12 colleges. If you apply to more than that, you’re probably going to make the application process too painful and time taking.




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