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According to Lizbeth Meredith’s definition “Criminal justice is the structure of laws, rules and agencies designed to hold criminals accountable for their misdeeds and help them to restore their victims as much as possible.” A criminal justice system is a set of legal and social institutions for implementing the criminal law in accordance with the well-defined set of procedural rules and restrictions. Criminal justice is an interlinkage of agencies and processes which look for to achieve the control of crime, decrease of crime, and the inflicting of penalties for the initiations of crimes.

What is the field really about?

Criminal justice is a part of social sciences degrees that aim to identify and explain the patterns of criminal behavior, as well as analyze society’s ability to control crime and delinquency. This area of study deals with crime, criminals, and the system of social criminal justice. Students studying the majors explore every aspect of crime, the law, and the justice system. The criminal justice majors contain three primary branches or system that includes law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections. Each of this branch has several fields, such as homeland security, policing and cyber security while the court system employs competent in fields such as law, court administration forensic psychology, and court administration. Meanwhile correction deals with the in-prison administration and social services.

Skills like public speaking, critical thinking and evaluation and multi-tasking are all talents needed in this field of work. Apart from this the degree in criminal justice will study in depth the various programs like foundations of criminal justice systems, theories of crime causation, introduction to criminal law introduction to law enforcement, introduction to American court system, foundations of corrections etc. these courses cover a wide range of topic and sub topics and assist the students to understand the basics of criminal justice system.

Divers career opportunities with the degree in criminal justice:

The criminal justice encompasses various and diverse fields for its beholders. The first area is the police. It is sometimes referred to as law enforcement, this field is the initial contact with the actual criminal activity. The role of police is to identify when and where a law has been broken, and to bring the wrongdoer to the judicial system. They arrest the offenders, investigate the crimes, gather evidences to provide testimony in the court. Some of the jobs and positions for law enforcement are: police officers, sheriffs, police investigators, federal agents, patrolmen and police detectives. These are the brightest career once can achieve with the degree in criminal justice degree.

While working in correction branch of criminal justice system you can have many job opportunities. Some of the posts of correction are corrections officers, parole officers, corrections counselors, wardens and rehabilitation specialists.

Prosecutors can be both the state and federal levels lawyers who analyze the evidences and determine whether to file charges against an individual or not. They also explain decisions to defense lawyers, witnesses, the police, and other agencies, make sure the relevant evidences are placed before court and prepare the cases for prosecution. Some of the job as prosecutor can be city attorney, county public defenders, alternate public defenders, attorneys general and federal defenders. All these jobs are highly paid.

Why study criminal justice?

Criminal justice experts implement and uphold the law and it takes a vigilant and zealous person to carry out to this level of responsibility. This degree graduates have a wide spectrum of possibilities with many career avenues and job opportunities. If you are looking to clean up society from crimes and criminals, you want to be sure that you are doing it the right way. It is the way to make this world acceptable for living and give back to the society to what you owe to it. The field is full of jobs and careers that can help the people and minimize their miseries. Being able to protect and help others is a big advantage and help achieve the mental satisfaction in your life. The field is also very challenging but being up right and ready to face all challenges will take you to another different level of excitement.










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